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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Seeking Advice

Watch out when one offers advice;find out first of all what he wants.
For he also may be thinking of himself—Why should the opportunity fall to him?
He may tell you how good your way will be,and then stand by to see you impoverished.

When you want to get advice see what

Sir 37:7-15  say

Do not ask for an advice on someone who envies you!
Seek no advice from a woman about her rival,
from a coward about war,from a merchant about business,
from a buyer about value,from a miser about generosity,
from a cruel person about well-being,from a worthless worker about his work,
from a seasonal laborer about the harvest,from an idle slave about a great task—,and the like;
pay no attention to any advice they give,since they will give you what they have(which is not worthy since they are not good at the things you ask )and not what you want

1.associate with a religious person,
who you know keeps the commandments;
Who is like-minded with yourself
and will grieve for you if you fall.
2.Then, too, heed your own heart’s counsel;
for there is nothing you can depend on more.
The heart can reveal your situation
better than seven sentinels on a tower.
3.Then with all this, pray to God
to make your steps firm in the true path.

Sir 37:7-15

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