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Friday, May 3, 2013

Numbers 23,24 and 25

I read Numbers chapters 23,24 and 25 and here is what i learnt:

i)God has blessed us (believers)and the blessings follow us when we remain faithful to him.When we think of the enemy  cursing us lets remember God has blessed us and  remind God of those blessings and reject the curses for it is said in 23:8 "How can I lay a curse on the one whom God has not cursed? How denounce the one whom the LORD has not denounced?"

ii)To be like Phineas (to get angry when we see sins around and to get on our knees crying for repentance for whatever we have heard or seen that defy God )God really admires that! -Oh God help me to be like Phineas!

iii)When we dont destroy evil altars around us and in us we can easily get drawn back to sining.

iv)God fights for us and help us defeat our enemies when we remain in him

I pray that God bless his Church as he has blessed Israel,help us to always bless Israel,to be like Phineas,help us to destroy evil altars around and in us as well as keep on fighting for us and help us defeat our enemies always.

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