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Monday, May 14, 2012


Christianity is more than A RELIGION.
Christianity does more that just giving us morals
It is not only the way of thinking.
Christianity is living Christ's life. It is Christ living in us.
Christians are therefore called to love as Christ has loved us i.e a sacrificial love,love without limits. Have you ever asked yourself then why are we not able to love that way? It is because sin that came into the world from the beginning brought fear within us so that we have formed for ourselves walls to protect us.We become selfish,thinking of ourselves mostly,fearing always to be hurt(self pity).These walls hinder us from reaching God as well as reaching our fellow human beings and relate in love with them.These walls are called deaths because they limit us to express love to its fulnes.
Thanks to God for he sent his only son to set us free from the bondage/walls.
We should therefore accept Jesus Christ in our lives by faith and he will break all the walls and will make us able to love like him.
May God bless us all.

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